It’s Africa’s Time

IT’S AFRICA’S TIME, produced by Regency Foundation Networx, is a multimedia initiative employing a co-creation process that uses Regency’s unique journalistic & cinematic style to craft fresh and authentic stories. The TV series is designed to promote and encourage the adoption of the ‘inclusive business’ model as a component of corporate growth strategy in Africa. The series demonstrates how this approach can make a contribution towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

IT’S AFRICA’S TIME (IAT), currently in its fourth season, documents case studies that demonstrate the adoption of the ‘inclusive business’ model as a component of corporate growth strategy across Africa, where profitable business solutions grow local value chains and drive societal transformation.

Season 3


Women Entrepreneurs Shaping Their Own Destiny »» Mozambique has more than 30% representation of women in parliament. Women were at the forefront of its struggle

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Unlocking Potential and Promoting Capacity in Angola »» When multinational companies like BP have a presence in developing countries like Angola, it’s important that they

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Financial Institutions Helping Rwandan Business Grow »» Rwanda is known the world over as a country with a violent and deeply troubled past. Yet, today,

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The Dairy Development Programme in Partnership with the Nigerian Government »» It’s quite extraordinary that Nigeria, the largest economy in Africa and home to almost

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Coal Mining in Zimbabwe – a Mine and its People »» Mining is a key employer and economic boon to many African countries. In Zimbabwe,

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Telecom Enabled Entrepreneurs »» IHS Towers is Africa’s leading independent mobile telecommunications infrastructure provider currently owning and operating over 23,000 towers in Nigeria, Cameroon, Côte

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Developing Human Capital for a Sustainable Future »» International powerhouse Maersk has a long history of developing human capital, but what is it doing in

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Infrastructure Changing Lives »» World-renowned civil engineering and construction company, Mota-Engil, has returned to a key project it was forced to abandon in the 1970s

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Access to Quality Healthcare: Saving Lives Across Africa »» In this episode, we travel to Nigeria and Kenya to explore how a leading healthcare company

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Affordable Healthcare: A Key to Africa’s Future »» ‘If the people of Africa don’t have access to affordable healthcare, there’s no point in promoting a

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Responsibly Unlocking Agri-Profit in Tanzania »» This agriculture-based story explores innovative solutions to farming in Tanzania. Solutions that have scalability and relevance for the rest

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