Time for Global Action

TIME FOR GLOBAL ACTION (TFGA), designed to promote and encourage the adoption of the ‘inclusive business’ model as a component of corporate growth strategy globally, is a series of short films designed to advance the Sustainable Development Goals. Each story covers a different issue, contextualising broader socio-economic issues and the need for such interventions.

TFGA is a multimedia initiative employing a co-creation process that uses Regency’s unique journalistic & cinematic style to craft fresh and authentic stories in various formats for both internal and external use. This narrative-based approach has been proven to build both internal and external relations that are beneficial in attracting and retaining the right talent, strengthening marketing relationships and deepening the emotional connection of the viewing audience to the parties concerned.

Season 2


Providing Enhanced Access to Power »» Countries often battle to supply adequate electricity to remote regions within their borders. Either the land is separated by

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Addressing the Sanitation Crisis – New Toilet System Fosters Behaviour Change in India »» The privilege of having a safe, clean and private toilet is

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Access to Fresh Water »» Water is a scarce resource in Kenya and for many communities living in rural areas, access to clean drinkable water

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