Access to Fresh Water

»» Water is a scarce resource in Kenya and for many communities living in rural areas, access to clean drinkable water is still a major problem. Most communities collect water from dams, lakes and ponds that are contaminated with waterborne diseases such as diarrhoea and cholera, causing severe illness and even death. When family members get sick, it is the responsibility of the women and girls in the household to take care of the sick. This prevents them from going to school or providing for their families economically.

Procter and Gamble, in partnership with local NGOs SWAP and CARE International, have developed a programme to promote the use of clean drinking water through the use of water purifying sachets. The film focuses on three very ordinary individuals who have become ambassadors in their communities for the P&G Purifier of Water sachets. They are doing extraordinary work to educate their communities about health issues with contaminated water and promoting the use of the P&G Purifier of Water sachets.

The impact of these programmes in these rural communities has seen a significant decrease in water-borne diseases, allowing women and girls to return to work and school.

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