Regency are recognised leaders in purpose-driven film-making with a deep commitment to inclusive development that elevates society.
As documentary film-makers, we are global specialists in telling sustainability stories.
This flagship TV show celebrates a collection of stories documenting examples of innovative, inclusive business-led development across the country.

Regency Global is a reputable brand curation specialist that uses filmed media to communicate core ideas about brand identity and positioning, and leverage bespoke content strategies within the social media ecosystem. As authentic content becomes increasingly crucial for building a long-term brand position, we believe no one else can offer a similar value proposition in this unique category of story-telling.


Powering Ghana And Creating Jobs

Client: Karpowership, Turkey Brief:  At the height of the Ghanaian power crisis people would have to endure black outs for up to 24-hours, affecting the whole nation both economically and [...]

Driving Fintech in EMEA

Brief – Travel with the Citi Mobile Challenge (CMC) FinTech EMEA Roadshow to tell the stories of entrepreneurs and Citi teams engaged in the competition and events. Idea – The production of a [...]


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Entrepreneurship News
‘Unlock full power of business’ to achieve Global Goals

‘Unlock full power of business’ to achieve Global Goals

Businesses can contribute in important ways to the realization of a world free of poverty and hunger by 2030, including through job creation, technological innovation and the provision of finance resources, the United Nations Deputy Secretary-General said on Tuesday. “The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have captured the imagination of leaders and general public alike,” said Amina Mohammed at the SDG Business […]
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Why Africa’s clothing sector could lead in responsible sourcing

Whether you are a retailer, brand or manufacturer, the need to proactively manage social compliance issues in your supply chain has never been greater. Social compliance matters first and foremost because it’s the moral way to run a company, but the business benefits cannot be ignored either. These were the sentiments of Gerwin Leppink, Europe […]
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AU sets up African Women Leadership fund

The African Union has announced that it will establish an African Women Leadership Fund to bolster women-owned businesses across the continent of Africa. ECA’s executive secretary, Vera Songwe, announced that plans are underway to set up the African Women Leadership Fund to help speed up the growth of women-led businesses in Africa. Speaking in Nouakchott at […]
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Environmental News
Food Lover’s Market ditches plastic straws

Food Lover’s Market ditches plastic straws

June 2018 – Food Lover’s Market ditches plastic straws #TheLastStraw Food Lover’s Market has launched a Withdraw The Straw campaign and will be replacing all plastic straws with paper ones in its stores nationally. With more than 1 million single-use plastic straws being discarded around the world on a daily basis, the fresh produce retailer is […]
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World Oceans Day 2018: Actor Adrian Grenier Is Cutting Out Plastic.

June 2018 – World Oceans Day 2018: Actor Adrian Grenier Is Cutting Out Plastic. Here’s How You Can, Too. The ‘Entourage’ star and UN Ambassador started with plastic straws and is now working on a plastic-free house. Actor and environmental activist Adrian Grenier is perhaps best known for his lead role in the HBO series Entourage. But […]
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World Environment Day 2018: Beat Plastic Pollution!

June 2018 – World Environment Day 2018: Beat Plastic Pollution! The focus for this year’s World Environmental Day and Oceans Day is on plastic pollution and encouraging solutions for a healthy ocean. Plastics are part of our everyday lifestyles, and their release to the environment has become yet another serious global environmental crisis impacting ecosystems and […]
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Financial News
Saudi Arabia gives SA energy sector $10bn boost

Saudi Arabia gives SA energy sector $10bn boost

A $10bn investment pledge into the country’s energy sector by Saudi Arabia is set to enhance energy security, create capacity and reduce the cost of energy in South Africa. The pledge was made during President Cyril Ramaphosa’s State visit to Saudi Arabia. “This commitment from the kingdom is a demonstration of confidence in our economy […]
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How to judge the success of the BRICS summit

The 10th BRICS summit to be hosted by South Africa is going to be closely watched. It comes at a time when extraordinary global political and economic challenges are facing the world. The Brics bloc is made up of five of the leading countries in the global South — Brazil, Russia, India, China and South […]
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SA must focus on its kids to meet UNSDG targets

There have been several vast improvements in the lives of South Africa’s children in recent years. Close to 90% of children now have access to electricity – up from 72% in 2003. About 12% of children live below the international poverty line of $1.25 a day, down from 43% in 2003. South Africa needs to […]
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Inspirational News
#Mandela100: ‘We have no choice but to move forward’ – Obama

#Mandela100: ‘We have no choice but to move forward’ – Obama

Former US President Barack Obama delivered the 16th Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture, in partnership with the Motsepe Foundation, in Johannesburg on Tuesday, 17 July. To honour the centennial of Madiba’s birth, the lecture’s theme was “Renewing the Mandela Legacy and Promoting Active Citizenship in a Changing World”. It focused on creating conditions for bridging divides, […]
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#Mandela100: What NPOs wish corporates knew before Mandela Day

“It was 2pm on Mandela Day at the after-care centre. The children were getting ready to go home when suddenly, 80 volunteers from a large local bank arrived, unannounced. We didn’t know who they were, but they wanted to use their 67 minutes to volunteer with us. We appreciated the effort, but we had to […]
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#MANDELADAY – how are you getting involved?

Tomorrow marks a special day in the South African calendar, Mandela Day. This year is themed, ‘be the legacy’. Here at Regency Global, we thought it fitting to share some special events that are happening across the country to increase awareness and encourage involvement. Nationally: Pick n Pay has partnered with FoodFoward SA for a […]
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International News
How a Middelburg farm boy earned SA’s only Michelin star

How a Middelburg farm boy earned SA’s only Michelin star

May 2018 – How a Middelburg farm boy earned SA’s only Michelin star Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen bunked rugby in school. But he wasn’t misbehaving. Instead, he whiled away his time kneading dough in his grandmother’s farm kitchen. It was there that he learnt the power of food beyond sustenance. Cooking brought the family together. […]
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Technology News
Canon works to help young people tell their stories

Canon works to help young people tell their stories

Canon’s commitment to help the youth to harness the power of positive visual storytelling to drive change, is exposing young people to learning opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have had. Through its Young People Programme, Canon provides coaching and tools to empower young people to bring their stories to life and make their voices heard on […]
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New partnership to boost drug discovery for malaria, TB and more

The University of Cape Town’s Drug Discovery and Development Centre (H3D), the African Academy of Sciences (AAS), Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV) have committed funding for the discovery of new drugs for diseases endemic to Africa over the next two years. The new funding will be given through a […]
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Building Africa’s future on renewable energy

There is no doubt that renewable energy is the future for Africa. Already, several countries on the continent have taken the lead in promoting investment in renewable energy, which over time will become a significant source of power to both households and businesses. One of the key factors contributing to more extensive use of renewable […]
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  • “We had a positive experience working with the team at Regency.  The value of creating a bespoke film, as told from people outside your own organisation, is that they add an objective credibility to your story.  We are not always good at telling people about what we do for the old adage of being seen as showing off, but equally we are proud of the people we work with and they were able to have a visibility and tell their own stories encapsulated within the larger picture. I would recommend Regency Foundation Networx as offering professional, caring and responsible work that adds real value to your company. It was also important to the film crew, if we wanted to get a particular message to our customers about our work, that they understood it and that they were able to show the evidence of what we were saying was true. I can only say that our experience of working with the team at Regency Foundation Networx was all positive.”

    Paige Earlam Head of Marketing, Plexus Cotton
  • “The process of working with Regency was smooth and transparent. I was truly impressed by the quality of their work. The team is reactive and very professional. Everything was run as planned. The team is very friendly. Working with them is like being a part of the Regency family. So, we, all together, were able to get a wonderful deliverable from this synergy. How do I feel about the end result? I simply love it!”

    Mouna Fouillade Africa Marketing and Communications Director, Ingenico Group
  • “It was a pleasure working with the dedicated team at Regency Foundation Networx on the It’s Africa’s Time television series. Not only do they understand the importance of mutually beneficial partnerships between an organisation and its communities, but they also took the time to learn about Teranga’s inclusive business model that drives our responsibility program. As a result, Regency produced a quality video that is both informative and charismatic. We were proud to share the much-acclaimed final product with all of our stakeholders and to a wider audience through Regency’s notable distribution channels in television, print and social media.”

    Caterina Ventrella Investor Relations Associate, Teranga Gold Corporation
  • “Thank you for the great outcome of the videos – they are inspiring, moving and beautiful. The ladies from the cooking bags in Ghana wrote to us that they were so touched seeing their project promoted and had tears in their eyes watching the films. This was such moving feedback. We hope to collaborate again in the future with you and the team of It’s Africa’s Time – it was great working with you.”

    Mareike Grytz Knowledge and Communications Manager, Inclusive Business Action Network
  • “Many thanks for this fantastic piece of work. We, and our partners, will make good use of this short story.”

    Joyce Maura Jose Sustainable Development Advisor, BP Angola
  • "Working with Regency was one of the best moves we made. They are a highly professional and undoubtedly passionate team with an eye for a great story. If anyone out there is looking for an inspiring partner to work with to get their messages out I would recommend Regency without hesitation."

    Ian Welle-Skitt Head of Communication, UBS Optimus Foundation
  • We’ve enjoyed working with the team from Regency. As much as they are focused on delivering quality work, from both the story and production standpoints, they have also brought their endurance and enthusiasm into the shooting process. On a personal level, it was wonderful getting to know them, learning about their experiences, and seeing their professionalism in the production and shooting processes. They’re an experienced team that truly respects the subjects of the story and they have a strong focus on learning more about the lives of the principle characters. By presenting our story through the children, who are everyone’s stakeholders, the story helped strengthen our company’s core values. Ultimately, we were very pleased that Regency was able to capture the story of the children so clearly and genuinely. If you are looking to present the human story, I would not hesitate to recommend Regency. Their values and mission to present stories on humanity, social development and justice are reflected in their work.

    Raja Asvanon at Sansiri Corporate Planning and Sustainability Development, Sansiri
  • Within our business we make a concerted effort to give back to all the communities that we operate in. As a company we aim to show that there are always mutually beneficial relationships and we never skip the opportunity to make a difference. This was clearly reflected in the stories and episodes produced for us by Regency. Working with Regency, especially the field team, was a huge pleasure and made us feel like we are part of this one big family. The entire process was smooth, clear and carried out hassle-free…and the stories and experiences that we shared will always have a special place in our hearts. We worked with Regency for two years in a row, which I believe shows our appreciation towards the end product that we received. Our first project together, filmed in Ghana, had so many unbelievable acclaims that we went back the second time. We would of course recommend Regency if promoting your business via short films is what you need.

    Asli Sürek Marketing Specialist, Commercial Operations, Karadeniz Holding


At Regency we have a rather unique value proposition. Whilst we produce impactful short films and invest in programs for community development and upliftment, this is only what we do. Being a force for positive change, at the core of it, is sincerely why we do it.

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