Providing Enhanced Access to Power

»» Countries often battle to supply adequate electricity to remote regions within their borders. Either the land is separated by masses of water, or power lines cannot reach the most remote regions. A fleet of floating powerships has found a way to overcome these issues and can provide enhanced access to power. In this episode, we look at three countries where these floating powerships have been successful in providing constant and cost-effective electricity.

Indonesia is scattered amongst an archipelago of at least 17,508 islands and, because of the cost implication of building big power plants and stringing wires across the sea, supplying electricity to its 255 million people has become a huge challenge. 

With its industries growing at a rapid rate the Indonesian government had to look at cost effective and sustainable methods of supplying adequate electricity for future growth. Many industries, including the small business sector, have had to look at other ways of generating electricity in order to keep businesses afloat.

Karpowership’s floating powerships have become a credible solution to the country’s energy problems. There are currently four ships stationed at various islands and supplying 540 megawatts of electricity to the country’s national grid. As a result, businesses are once again able to thrive from an uninterrupted supply of electricity.

Lebanon, having suffered years of civil war, has been working tirelessly since 1990 to repair and rebuild the country’s damaged infrastructure. One of the industries that were hit hard during the years of war was the energy sector. With no new power plants built since 1995, citizens in Lebanon face up to 6 hours of power outages. Additionally, since the war in Syria began, Lebanon has faced an increase in refugees seeking asylum in the country, resulting in an even bigger increase in demand for electricity. With two floating powerships stationed along its shores, Lebanon is now able to meet these increasing demands and is able to supply the refugee camps with electricity.

The Mozambique landscape, with its beautiful coastline, stretches more than 3000kms along the South East of Africa. Many parts of the country, such as the Nampula Province, are situated in remote locations and getting a reliable electricity supply to these regions has proved difficult. With an innovative agreement between Mozambique, Karpowership and Zambia, the single floating powership is able to supply electricity to Mozambique’s northern region, creating a boost for the citizens and industries located there.