Unlocking Potential and Promoting Capacity in Angola

»» When multinational companies like BP have a presence in developing countries like Angola, it’s important that they promote the people of that country. In this story, we spend time with two BP funded Angolan NGOs who are helping unlock potential in the fields of professional development and agriculture. We ask: ‘What is possible when capacity is built in the lives of Angolans?’

Our first story introduces us to two up and coming twenty-something Luandans, Maria and Jose, who have benefitted from NGO Development Workshop’s professional internship programmes, helping them launch promising careers in the fields of law and medical technology. The story speaks about the impact of mentoring and support and leaves us with a sense of what is possible when focused strategic interventions are made available to young people who have not grown up with privilege but are filled with huge potential and big dreams.

Then we head south to Dombe Grande, a rural farming region in Benguela Province, where BP has funded a project run by agricultural capacity building NGO, ADRA. The project offers micro-financing and organizational support to a farming co-operative in the area and has been making great strides in the past few years. We meet maize farmer and mother of seven, Rosalia, and her community to get a firsthand account of how access to credit and an increasingly organized farming collective has transformed their lives.