Financial Institutions Helping Rwandan Business Grow

»» Rwanda is known the world over as a country with a violent and deeply troubled past. Yet, today, it is peaceful and is one of the most business-friendly countries in Africa. Everywhere you look there are signs of strong growth and free-market activity. SMEs, in partnership with financial institutions, are doing great things, as years of hard work, dogged commitment and personal sacrifice are bearing fruit.

Financial institutions like Ecobank are partnering with SMEs to reach their full potential, financing them in win-win relationships that are helping the entire business space grow.

In this story, we travel to Kigali and Butare to meet two serial entrepreneurs who are enjoying success due, in part, to the financing they have received from Ecobank. From petroleum distribution to building and agri-infrastructure development contracts, we journey with our two inspiring businessmen to find out what makes them tick, explore the challenges of their pasts and understand what’s working for them today.

Everyone has a powerful story to tell in Rwanda, and every Rwandan has been affected by the country’s past. Yet, the courage and dreams of Rwandan entrepreneurs today, enabled by the financial sector, remind us that changing Africa and taking it forward requires a mutual, shared effort. Together we are stronger than we are apart.