Telecom Enabled Entrepreneurs

»» IHS Towers is Africa’s leading independent mobile telecommunications infrastructure provider currently owning and operating over 23,000 towers in Nigeria, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Zambia and Rwanda. The company’s infrastructure and tower sharing model is crucial to telecoms accessibility for millions of Africans and has huge knock-on benefits to SMEs and emerging businesses in the telecoms space.

Our team visited IHS’s operations in Nigeria to see how telecommunications is promoting economic growth. We meet 3 Nigerians: A dress designer, a cellphone recharge card seller and a photographer to explore the tangible connection between infrastructure, everyday life and amazing opportunities to grow.

Then we take things a step further, asking how renewable energy solutions can be a part of the picture. We explore IHS Towers’ commitment to sustainable energy solutions through solar-powered towers and diesel reduction protocols and we meet the executives who are making this happen.