Access to Quality Healthcare: Saving Lives Across Africa

»» In this episode, we travel to Nigeria and Kenya to explore how a leading healthcare company is supporting access to healthcare. This story demonstrates what’s possible when public and private sectors combine with the shared goal of improving lives through access to quality care.

Prohibitive costs, geographic isolation and a lack of basic information result in illness, disability and death for far too many Africans but medical intervention programmes supported by the private sector mean that millions stand the chance of enjoying healthy, productive lives.

To see these programmes in action we travelled to Nigeria to visit the Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital, a few hours’ drive north of Lagos, where a Novartis supported oncology access programme has already saved hundreds of lives through screening, early detection and treatment. Then we journeyed to Kirinyaga County in Kenya to find out about the Familia Nawiri community screening and education programme. We completed our trip at Kenya’s Nairobi Hospital where we met and interviewed medical specialists and those benefiting from corporate supported programmes focused on access to quality, life-saving healthcare.

Lives are being changed through shared effort. That‘s what IT’S AFRICA’S TIME is all about.