Affordable Healthcare: A Key to Africa’s Future

»» ‘If the people of Africa don’t have access to affordable healthcare, there’s no point in promoting a broader development agenda on the continent’…wise words from a delegate at a recent conference on Africa’s future.

In this story, IT’S AFRICA’S TIME travels to Angola to explore how the private sector can do great business while transforming the healthcare landscape of a nation through the sustainable provision of affordable medicines.

Shalina Healthcare is a producer of high quality, generic World Health Organisation accredited affordable medicines. Currently manufacturing in India, their distribution outlets In Africa include Congo and Angola, with plans to manufacture in-country in the near future. Their business model and impact is centred on the sustainable availability of high-quality affordable medicines delivered to hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and NGOs through an expanding network of locally based depots.

In Angola, where our story is based, much still needs to be done to rebuild medical infrastructure and to supply much needed, non-counterfeit, affordable medicines to its people. So how is Shalina Healthcare a part of this picture and how is it helping to expand a robust, compliant, responsible healthcare and pharmaceutical industry in that country?

Join us as we meet a leading Angolan doctor and medical thought leader, a young mother, a nun at a mission clinic, a Shalina employee and Shalina executives to see how WHO standard affordable medicines are impacting each of their lives, the communities around them and the country as a whole.