A Vision of Hope

Boutros Boutros-Ghali

Gillian Martin Sorensen

Table of Contents

A Sense of Proportion
~ shaping a credible strategy

International Law, Universal Rights

The Politics of Peacekeeping
~ a question of member state commitment

The Drive for Disarmament
~ making peace

The Social and Economic Connection
~ the development agencies

Human Development
~ a balance sheet

The Humanitarians
~ a framework for preventive action

In Defence of Women and Children
~ a more unified command

The NGO Perspective
~ a necessary voice

Money and Capital
~ the Bretton Woods institutions

Making the UN more business-like
~ a management approach

A New Agenda
~ responsibilities of the corporate sector

Work, Growth and the World Economy
~ a global compact

The Charter of the UN
~ we the peoples

An agenda for Peace
~ the tasks ahead

The UN community
~ the associations and committees