Supporting Online Entrepreneurs and SMEs Across Africa

»» How can companies engage with young Africans wanting to make their mark across the continent and the world? How can they enable strategic and sustainable growth via young entrepreneurs and SMEs through tech, online platforms and mentorship?

The Microsoft 4Afrika initiative focuses on just that, with a macro approach that’s about engaging Africa’s economic development to improve its global competitiveness. The project, founded on the belief that technology is fundamental to growth in Africa, seeks to empower every African who has a great business idea and help turn it into reality. This, in turn, provides jobs, builds communities, countries and the continent as a whole.

In this episode, we meet South African online entrepreneur, Carl Wallace, and see how his business and personal vision have been enabled through the programme and its affiliate projects. Carl, like Microsoft, wants to make a difference but also wants to build a successful business. By the looks of things, he’s well on his way.

In its broadest sense, the 4Afrika initiative is about growing the company’s bottom line in the long term. It is a win-win strategic approach that understands that the more entrepreneurs and SMEs there are in the marketplace across Africa, the bigger their potential customer base. That’s what sustainable partnership is all about. Everyone benefits and works together in a symbiotic relationship focused on common goals and the common good.

And that’s what we celebrate on IT’S AFRICA’S TIME!