Training and Inclusion

»» Decades into its democracy, and despite the country’s leading edge on the continent, South Africa is still faced with the challenge of growing its band of young professionals, and even more so in the insurance industry. So what does it take? IT’S AFRICA’S TIME flew to vibrant and dynamic Johannesburg, the economic heart of South Africa, to witness sustainable, professional upskillling in action.

Lion of Africa CEO, Adam Samie, is a passionate proponent for professional development and has made it his business to transform the insurance industry as we know it. He shares with us how the lessons learnt from his apartheid past has led him to partner Lion of Africa Insurance in a Learnership Programme with the Government to develop young South Africans and set them off on a career path that will not only change their lives but the country’s as well.

Transforming a country means building an entirely new middle class of skilled professionals. We are introduced to Wonderboy Siphamandla Ndawonde, one of the shining stars of the Learnership Programme. His uplifting story, which tells us how he overcame a difficult childhood and instead used it as motivation to lift himself out of his less than positive circumstances, is a shining example of the success of the Learnership Programme. Don’t miss this uplifting illustration of how one man’s passion and commitment is leading to true and sustainable transformation.