Arysta LifeScience’s Applique Bien and ‘Yield Enhancer’ Stewardship Programmes

»» Ivory Coast produces 40% of the world’s cocoa and its neighbour, Burkina Faso, is amongst the top producers of cotton in West Africa. Despite this, farmers in these regions are not wealthy. They don’t own large swathes of land, have access to limitless crop protection inputs or even insurance in case of a bad harvest. Hundreds of thousands of small-scale growers are desperately reliant on their yields to feed their families, send their kids to school and, if possible, provide basic healthcare to those under their charge.

So what does it take to ensure steady, high-quality yields and sustainable land management within this context? How should global companies engaging with farmers in Africa help make agri-business a powerful prospect for all?

Our IT’S AFRICA’S TIME crew brushed up on their French and travelled to Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso to witness Arysta LifeScience’s Applique Bien and ‘Yield Enhancer’ stewardship programmes in action. Building on earlier successes in Brazil, the company uses outdoor classrooms, hands-on training at farmer co-operatives, one-on-one engagements and farm visits to help farmers enjoy healthy sustainable yields and remain safe when using crop protection products.

With the focus on Africa as a key agricultural player in the years ahead, partnerships such as these are crucial to the continent and to the lives of its all-important growers.