Human Capital Placement

»» Join us as we travel to the foothills of Tanzania’s West Kilimanjaro to discover how the strategic placement of skilled experts supports the growth of SMMEs.  

Africado, a Haas avocado farm in Sanya Juu, approached the African Management Services Company [AMSCO] whose African Training and Management Services Project [AMTS] helps place key personnel across Sub Saharan Africa when local experts cannot be found.  The project, an affiliate of the UNDP, helps ensure succession and is geared at addressing the skills shortage gap on the continent.  Duncan Page, an engineer and agri-expert placed at Africado through Amsco, says: ‘When I’ve worked myself out of a job I know I’ve completed what I was sent here to do!’

Join us as we meet all the roleplayers, including characterful local farmers benefitting from Africado’s increasingly successful out-growers programme.  While all this activity is going on, the great Mount Kilimanjaro looks down benevolently, no doubt, pleased with developments below.

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