Yara Crop Nutrition and the Ghana Grains Partnership Tackling Food Security in North Ghana

»» With agriculture as the backbone of Ghana’s economy, the Ghana Grains Partnership (GPP), initiated by Yara in 2008, plays an essential role in strengthening the market through improved infrastructure, closer collaboration and improved efficiency throughout the grain value chain. The emphasis is on food crop production, especially maize, and “IT’S AFRICA’S TIME” meets with the role-players of the Farmers’ Association “Masara N’Arziki” to discuss the benefits of this association, including credit for inputs, guaranteed, purchase price for outputs, quality extension services and training. We are also shown how yield levels have steadily been rising, and establish that in 2012 the association was Ghana’s biggest maize producer with 8,300 farmers on 11,600 ha of land.



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