The New Tete Bridges – Improving Road Transportation and Linking Africa

»» Starting in the province of Tete, we visit the construction of the New Tete Bridge over the Zambezi River. The existing bridge is not adequate for the province’s traffic and Mota-Engil has worked with the Mozambican government in a public-private partnership to build this new bridge over the Zambezi which will become the main link between Zambia and Malawi to Beira port, as well as linking Zimbabwe to Mozambique. We then travel to Manica where a road rehabilitation project is being implemented to link Chimoio and Espungabera near the Zimbabwean border. This road will enable the socio-economic development of many rural areas in the region by improving mobility for the communities and linking agricultural areas to tourist destinations. We also talk to Dr Anna Paula Ferreiro, a local government representative, about the planned community centre in Tete, partly funded by the Manuel Antonio Da Mota Foundation.



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