Committed to Agricultural Socio-Economic Development, Education and Social Welfare, and Poverty Relief

»» The primary objectives of the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) are to contribute to the creation of balanced, sustainable economic growth in South Africa and on the rest of the continent; promoting entrepreneurship through the building of competitive industries and enterprises based on sound business principles. Investment in such ventures also includes an increasing emphasis on social development and environmental sustainability as part of the core business strategy.

Ohorongo Cement in Namibia is supported by an industrial loan from the IDC and is the sole cement producer in the country and the biggest employer in the region. “ITS AFRICA’S TIME” visits the plant to take a look at how the local economy has benefited from job creation, infrastructural and social development. We also learn about the plant and how its innovative design and use of alternative energy sources have made it the most CO2 efficient cement producer in the world.

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