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Because inclusive growth, corporate responsibility and purpose-led business are the fundamental pillars of Regency Global, we thought we’d ask those who work with us what motivates them to be a part of the Regency team:

“I love the advertising and communications industry, but I hate selling products. I love curating a brand’s messaging, but I don’t like to support brands I don’t support. That’s a tough position to be in if you are going to find any sort of success in this business. Compromise sells. Through fate or good luck, however, I have managed to find a job (read vocation) in an organization which exists for the express purpose of crafting beautiful stories about brands that not only genuinely care about ‘profit with purpose’, but have institutionalized these philosophies into their way of doing business.

Fortunately, we are moving into an era where sentiment – mediated by social media – is becoming an overwhelming force for change. Brands are ever more vulnerable to public scrutiny and we have the power to vote with our money and attention and our share-ability. It is no secret that the overwhelming majority of consumers will choose brands with a meaningful story, all other factors being equal. If the free-range eggs are equally priced and within reach, you will pick them up. We are buying into a new narrative and increasingly we don’t take compromise lying down. If that story proves to be false or disingenuous, the consequences are disproportionately negative.

SA INC is our 2019 nation-building, multi-media quest to use our story-telling skills to tell amazing South African stories and hopefully slay the awful news media assumptions over what people need to hear. For a century the mantra of ‘if it bleeds, it leads’ has been the rallying call of newspaper editors world-wide, pounding the case for a climate of fear in a kind of click-bait for despair. While it is true that bad things happen to good people, it is also true that in any city, on any given day, complex and beautiful relationships are being built, people are transacting fairly and for mutual benefit, visionary businesses are being created and an astonishing number of people are conceiving of ingenious ways in which to improve the lives of those less fortunate than themselves. Yet we don’t hear about it. It is evidently not in our best interests, while crime rates and car accidents and political rhetoric are. Part of the reason I do my work is to stand up against these debilitating norms and challenge these unhealthy assumptions.

To bastardize Plato, ‘we are what we are repeatedly exposed to.’

What our team have discovered on the SA INC journey, in which we showcase major South African brands who are on the leading edge of innovation, inclusivity and shared value creation, has been a delightfully life-affirming experience. Whatever the reasons are that these brands started spending part of their profit on empowerment (and for this, some real kudos needs to go to our government), the net result is extremely encouraging. What kicked off as a kind of grudging corporate social responsibility has evolved over two decades into an inspirational web of inspired business development processes that are sustainable and that reaches from the inner city to the most remote rural outposts. I am seeing a revolution of creativity and entrepreneurial self-belief bubbling from thousands of projects throughout South Africa.

You may be familiar with the Japanese term Ikigai, which loosely translates as the ‘source of value’, usually depicted as a four-petaled flower, where the petals respectively represent ‘that which you are good at’, ‘that which you love’, ‘that which the world needs’ and ‘that which you can be paid for’. When any two of these petals overlap, we get the attributes of ‘passion’, ‘mission’, ‘vocation’ and ‘profession’. The sweet spot is right in the middle, where these qualities converge with Ikigai.

That’s where I feel I am heading. It’s a tough job, don’t get me wrong. No great quest comes without a lot of hard work, sweat, tears and dedication. It is worth it though. Hopefully, the results will speak for themselves in 2019 when #SAINC hits a conversation near you.”

– Shane Killeen | Digital Marketing

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