Brief – Travel with the Citi Mobile Challenge (CMC) FinTech EMEA Roadshow to tell the stories of entrepreneurs and Citi teams engaged in the competition and events.

Idea – The production of a series of 5 short films shot in Kenya, UK, Israel & Poland – one film for each country and a compilation – focused on the entrepreneur winners in each country, followed by the regional culmination event to promote the CMC initiative. Showcasing entrepreneurs in new countries to create hype around the programme, these films were used to document their initiative and to promote the subsequent APAC competition to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Impact – With this series, Citi CMC achieved a well subscribed APAC competition and a highly publicised event. There were passionate and enthusiastic implementing teams and country representatives. The process brought about broad sharing within the brand and fostered pride and passion within the Citi employees who, given the opportunity to be a part of something bigger, now have a clearer picture of the impact that can be achieved when big business innovates.

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