Astellas- Brazil

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It is astonishing to find that one in six Brazilian men suffer from prostate cancer. What’s even more alarming is that the rate of men dying from this perfectly preventable disease is almost double that of developed countries. There is a structural problem in the public health system which fails to encourage seemingly healthy men to be examined and tested. Little information is released about the disease and people therefore don’t know that prevention is better than cure, or that a cure is even possible. Dani’s father was ill for a long time, actively concealing the fact. He would take no tests, especially not a rectal exam and by the time it was discovered, the cancer had metastasised to spread to his other organs. It was too late to save him. His death had huge emotional and financial implications for his family. Traumatised and destitute, they had to move in with an aunt, uprooting their entire life. Dani today still mourns the fact that he’ll never meet his grandchildren. Exacerbating her sadness is the injustice that, if caught early enough, he probably would have been able to recover.

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