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UNEP Tunza International Youth Conference


The Tunza International Youth Conference took place from the 21 to 26 August 2009 in Daejeon, Korea. The event, which was organised by the United Nations Environment Programme in cooperation with UNEP's National Committee for the Republic of Korea, was designed to promote environmental awareness and good practices amongst young people. The Conference was also used to develop regional plans of actions and to get commitments from the youth on environmental actions/projects they would pursue.

Commencing immediately after the International Children's Conference, the event allowed for a one day (21 August) overlap with the Tunza International Children's Conference to give both the children and youth the opportunity to exchange views on the state of the environment and to have a forum with high profile UN, political and business leaders to discuss their fears and concerns for the environment and climate change. About 200 young people attended the Conference.

The daily themes for the youth conference included: Youth and Climate Change, Green Jobs and Sustainable Consumption. The Conference culminated in the preparation of a statement on climate change which was shared with government leaders and presented to the Copenhagen Summit in December 2009. In addition, new members were elected to the Tunza Youth Advisory Council (TYAC) - a group of 12 youth leaders who advise UNEP on youth and the environment.

Previous conferences have been held in USA, Korea, Denmark, Russia, India and in 2007 the conference was held in Leverkusen, Germany. For more details please visit: