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ResponsibleME is the flagship education and prevention initiative of the Regency Foundation Networx,
making a positive impact in the lives of the South African youth, by advocating responsible choices
A holistic approach that promotes healthy and considered life choices around sexual behaviour, career advice, self-development, nutrition, effective communication, and supportive relationships with friends and family - ResponsibleME is an outreach program that offers a real solution to educators and learners and their respective communities.
Through School Programs, Community Partnership Programs and School Policy Workshops,
ResponsibleME enables learners between Grade 5 and Grade 10 to lead healthy, productive lives.

Since 2008, ResponsibleME has worked with over
ResponsibleMeRight schools across South Africa, providing training for
over 3
900 educators and reaching over 190 000
learners as
well as their families and communities, in
partnership with 
Corporate Sponsors and Provincial
and Regional
Departments of Education.



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