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Dec 2011 – COP17 Durban Dialogue 

b4elogo cop17

COP17 DURBAN Dialogue
6 December 2011


Progressive companies around the world are developing innovative solutions that will revolutionise industries to deliver positive change for society and our planet. These solutions are driving new business growth while significantly reducing GHG emissions and lowering environmental impacts, and ensuring a low-carbon, sustainable future for all.

Accelerating and scaling up transformative solutions across sectors and borders, however, will require a higher level of collaboration than we have ever seen before. The greatest impact will be only seen when efforts are coordinated between leaders of business, government, and NGOs. The Business for the Environment (B4E) COP17 Dialogue aims to facilitate this, advancing a higher level of collaborative action on climate change; where all stakeholders can meet to discuss the massive investments and policy changes required to enable the private sector to do more.

While UNFCCC negotiations for a new global climate treaty continue with mixed progress, businesses, governments and NGOs are forging ahead with innovation and partnerships to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, taking the charge and powering ahead for a new, clean, industrial revolution.


About B4E:
B4E, Business for the Environment, is the leading international platform for dialogue and partnership solutions for the environment. The B4E summits bring together world leaders, CEOs, senior executives and industry experts to share ideas and commit to solutions, which address the most urgent environmental challenges facing the world today.

The acceleration and delivery of such transformative solutions will require a higher level of collaboration between business, government and NGOs than ever seen before. B4E aims to facilitate such collaboration through networking, informed discussion and the creation of innovative partnerships for change.

Issues addressed at the summits include energy, natural resource security, climate change, water management and biodiversity conservation, among others.

Since its inception in 2007, B4E has provided leaders from around the world a unique opportunity to shape game-changing solutions and influence the global agenda, leading toward a greener, more sustainable future.

B4E History:
Past B4E Summits were convened for the last five years in Singapore, Paris, Copenhagen, Seoul, Mexico City, Cancun and Jakarta by the United Nations, WWF, Global Initiatives and host Governments.

For more information please visit:

About COP17:
cop17 logoThe United Nations Climate Change Conference, Durban 2011, will bring together representatives of the world's governments, international organizations and civil society. The discussions will seek to advance, in a balanced fashion, the implementation of the Convention and the Kyoto Protocol, as well as the Bali Action Plan, agreed at COP 13 in 2007, and the Cancun Agreements, reached at COP 16 last December.

The Conference will be hosted by the Government of South Africa and will take place in Durban from 28 November to 9 December 2011 at the International Convention Centre (ICC) & Durban Exhibition Centre (DEC).