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Responsible Business

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Responsible Business (RBTV) is a global TV series broadcast across Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and the US with an audience of approx 300 million.

THE PURPOSE OF RBTV is to encourage more corporations around the world to adopt greater levels of corporate social responsibility; the bottom line being that if business is collectively going to make a difference, it needs to share information helping it to more effectively work towards the common goal of conducting business that’s not only profitable but also beneficial to society and the environment as well.

The content of RBTV takes a look at some of the most pressing global challenges, featuring replicable & tangible examples of business working with government agencies and civil society organizations; all of which show how multi–stakeholder partnerships can be powerful catalysts for change.

SPECIFIC SHOWS – Road to Copenhagen; Reducing Emissions; The Carbon Neutral Company; Sustainable & Renewable Energy Solutions; Saving the Next 4 Billion; Innovative Partnerships to Solve Common Issues; Protecting the World’s Natural Resources; Green Construction; Reduce, Re–use & Recycle; Innovative Solutions to Ensure Water Security; Solutions for Empowering the Poor ; Business Action to Provide Education for All; & Solutions for Ensuring Food Security.



BROADCAST DATES May through Nov 09.

HUMAN RESOURCES following a teleconference with the Executive Producer, one key contact from the organization is needed to work with our researcher/s to obtain more info about the story/ agree the most appropriate episode .....and to assist in arranging the interview and agree the shoot for the story and the location/s etc.

ESTIMATES OF TIME teleconferences x 2 –1hr; collating background and research – 3hrs; planning logistics, answering additional queries from the producer, etc – 5 hrs; time with CEO – 30–45 mins; checking script – 2hrs; checking video –1 hr. For the shoot 2–3 days. NB these times are generally spread over a period of approx 2–3 months.

TIMES OF BROADCAST Saturdays at I.30 pm, 7pm and 9pm..... repeated on Sundays .....and on other days of the week.

TIMING OF FILMING to be discussed with each corporate partner.


  • Length of story – 3–4 mins/6 –8 mins/ or 26mins
  • Use of the episode and the story for internal & external communication purposes, with the finished episode carrying the mark & logo of the UN Global Compact & the UN Environment Programme
  • The “B–roll’ will also be made available to the company
  • The episode will be included on the Responsible Business and the Regency website
  • Video and documentary streaming to allow viewers to revisit all of the programs
  • Hyperlink to the company’s website
  • Subject to prior approval and governing terms on use of logos, to state “Responsible Business Series Partner” on the company’s website
  • A press release to announce the company’s participation in the Responsible Business Television Series, subject to final approval of the text by the relevant UN agencies

ADDITIONALLY, the UN and its agencies work closely with partners from business & industry. Such partnerships could include, should the company so wish:

  • Sharing emerging best practices
  • Assisting with policies and strategies to include the “triple bottom line’ ( people, planet and profits)
  • Leveraging the UN's global reach with business, civil society and other stakeholders
  • Improving the understanding of key corporate social responsibility issues on the regional & global sustainable development agenda

For further info contact Spencer @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.