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We are receiving many enquiries from schools here in Italy for more of your Educational Resource Packs. Please send us as many as you can. 
Dr. Bruno Vonesch, General Manager,Thai Airways International
I am particularly grateful for having had the chance to join this highly praiseworthy project and wish you and the World Food Programme the greatest success. 
Eugenio Guadagno, General Manager, Tamoil Italia

Let us all express our thanks for the complete cooperation and understanding which you have showed towards our company.
Claudio Castiglioni, President, Cagiva Motorcycles
We acknowledge receipt of the Educational Packs. We have received the invitation from Mrs Catherine Bertini, Executive Director of the UN World Food Programme to the official presentation of the project, for which we thank you. We wish you a successful outcome of the project. 
Maurizio Pescosolido, President, Reuters Italia