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Earth Summit - Reviews

... well prepared publication which does an honour to your organization, is indeed full of interesting contributions focusing on the awareness towards environmental development openly discussed during the Rio Conference. 
Office of the Prime Minister - Malta

... one of the most important publications of the decade; Earth Summit '92 contains an abridged and readable version of Agenda 21. 
Green magazine

An extensive version of Agenda 21, it will be of most use to those requiring a user-friendly version of Agenda 21; the sub headings are very helpful and an index allows for easy cross-reference to the full United Nations text and some powerful photographs provide illustration. 
The Foundation for International Environment Law and Development 

The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro, June 1992, was a unique event, and its most important achievement was Agenda 21. This book contains the 40 chapters of Agenda 21, abridged, and generously illustrated with challenging colour photographs. 
The Geographical Journal, Royal Geographical Society

... an invaluable source of information and reference for any organization, company or individual with an interest in environmental and development issues. 
The British Council

Regency Foundation Networx is to be congratulated on the publication. It is excellent, for it gathers together all the main outputs from UNCED that would otherwise be forgotten. The fact that it does not dwell on the climate convention and the biodiversity convention but on Agenda 21 and the Rio Declaration is the key to its value. You have in one attractive package, given an excellent summarised version and an index. This is a unique effort because you have done it in a form that reaches the public rather than the small, knowing community that was involved in the UNCED process. 
International Institute for Environment and Development